The Brambles
Until I Saw You

The Brambles new single "Until I Saw You" is a breezy fresh melodic pop song like the early to mid 60's pop, when melody was the rule and not an afterthought. Great harmonies great singing and great melodies, what more is there??!!!

Song List:
1. Until I Saw You
2. It's Not Me
3. More

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CD Review:

Cousins Tim and Lou Anthony(AKA) The Brambles are one of the most talented duos in the indie pop community. The CD-EP "Until I Saw You" showcases their melodic songwriting and their crisp vocal harmony skills. Fans of Herb Eimerman, The Nerk Twins, Jamie Hoover and Jeremy and Jeffery Foskett should be jumping on the Brambles' bandwagon if they haven't already done so. The title track has both Beatlesque and Byrdsian qualities - with chiming guitars in all the right places. "It's Not Me" features more of their trademark harmonies and melodic tunecraft, while "More" is a lovely acoustic ballad with orchestral flourishes that will remind listeners of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Dan Fogelberg. This CD-EP gets the "timeless pop" stamp of approval. If this trio of songs appeals to you, then you should also check out The Brambles back catalog - 1997's "Holiday From Love" and 2000's "Next Big Thing."

Eric Sorensen
Amplifier Magazine
Spring 2002

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