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Historic first recordings by Tim Anthony, founding member of those pop-juggernauts The Brambles. Tommy Allen and Gary Frenay from The Flashcubes appear on this disc as an added bonus. 
Don’t Forget Me was The Agents first and only single. It sold 1000 copies, pretty good for not having the Internet. It helped put the band on the map and get some gigs. Elektra Records showed interest but soon waned. A special thank you to Gary Frenay (The Flashcubes) for his help. Agents of the Future, was the B-side of above song. Mark Sirianni and I wrote this together and for once I compromised, pop meets prog –rock. Traciann has been said to be my best song ever. This song was to be the next Agents single but did not happen. Famed producer Jimmie Ienner called me to say this song was a bonafide hit, but he did not want to pursue it. I asked him if he was crazy. Relations broke down. Bruce Lundvall (Capitol Records), Tom Trumbo (Elektra Records), Aaron Jacoves ( A&M Records), were calling me now based on this song. You decide, is it or was it a hit? Never Thought You’d Go, was to be the next B-side. I wanted to write a heavier song. I think I did. This was the last session for The Agents as a band. Lee Cominsky joined the band as an additional guitar player for a few months and proceeded to join the army. Good-bye to The Agents, Hello solo Ville. Never Gonna Cry, was the first song I recorded to start my wonderful solo career. A special thank you to Rick Krzyzak for being a good friend and a great drummer. Maryellen has a neat history. This song would be played on NBC’s Friday Night Lights Dec 2007. The version played would be from my 2005 release The Happy Door, a Number 1 in Spain. She Broke My Heart was just straight up pop. Nuff said.

     For No One Can and The Heart Of Every Man, I enlisted Tommy Allen (famed drummer, The Flashcubes) to help me out. He did not disappoint. He did a brilliant job. Also there was brandy. Don’t Look In Her Eyes and Mystery got the attention of David Geffen & his V.P. Carole Childs. They called me several times amongst others. There was a bit of a buzz then. The buzz died. Don’t Look In Her Eyes and Mystery were the last songs I would ever record at Chase Media. It was a wonderful time in my life and wish I could live it all over again. Happy Ending was the first of many songs recorded by my next band The Brambles. A&R rep Rachel Matthews (Capitol Records), called as well as Gay Lynn Kaiser  (RCA Records) who wanted to sign me based on this song. Her boss felt differently. All told about 15 A and R reps called me through the years to discuss my songs and me, these calls would not be the last ones either. The future was at hand.

Song List:
1. Don't Forget Me
2. Agents Of The Future
3. Traciann
4. Never Thought You'd Go
5. Never Gonna Cry
6. Maryellen
7. She Broke My Heart
8. No One Can
9. The Heart Of Every Man
10. Don't Look In Her Eyes
11. Mystery
12. Happy Ending

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