The Brambles
Holiday From Love

"Tim Anthony and cousin Lou Anthony capture the joy of the sing-songy type of pop. You just want to hum right along with these songs. It's like these songs have been in your sub-conscious but it took The Brambles to bring them to the surface. The result is a well crafted album of great 60's styled pop. Now go out and get this one, because it got me!"
Time and Word, NYC

Song List:
1. Intro Talk
2. I Want to Be With You
3. The Kick Inside
4. Every Time
5. Eyes of Love
6. Now You're in My Heart
7. Lonelyville
8. Falling
9. Love This Time
10. Always Been You
11. The Time
12. Alittle Bit More/dreamtime
13. Safe in My Arms
14. Joey the Lightning
15. Outro Talk
16. Holiday From Love

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