Ed James
Big Time

With all the melody one could ask for. Ed James is a melodic guitar pop god. His hooky songs are catchy as a cold, the kind you never want to get over. The harmonies and the melodies and guitar playing will make you jump with joy...

06/2006 Ed James has signed a long term contract with MTV NETWORKS, VH1 and VIACOM Worldwide in regards to his songs being played on "8th and OCEAN", "MADE" , "MY SUPER SWEET 16" and other projects. This will expose Ed James' songs to millions around the world.

10/05/04 2004 release from this long time favorite of NOT LAME! This is a collection of songs recorded during POPROCKET and after and a few before that he is bringing together now (thanks Ed). Classic influences abound. Part powerpop, with harmonic shades of Jellyfish and the playfullness of XTC and more. Always chippy, happy and bouncy and, most importantly, harmony-drenched. James is faultless in his archetype mining of classic hook-magic. Think a lot of things: Adam Schmitt, Candy, Owsley, The Rubinoos (a LOT of noos!) Rick Springfield, Material Issue, Styx (the good stuff), The Flashcubes, The Toms. The 14 songs here are short and sweet, catchy as the flu and refreshing as a lemonade stand on a hot summer's day. No brainer. Extremely Highly Recommended ...
Bruce Brodeen
Not Lame Recordings 10/15/04

Song List:

1. You And Whose Army?
2. Don't Follow Me
3. Emily
4. Shiver And Shake
5. Ode To A Jellyfish
6. Best Laid Plans
7. Too Cool For School
8. Smoke And Mirrors
9. Summer Song
10. Doowylloh Ot Emoclew
11. Black And White
12. Rudy
13. Give Me A Reason
14. Fragile

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