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Lost Recordings


Recently found in a dusty box in a dusty basement were the original analog 8 - track tapes of The Brambles recordings from January 2nd and 3rd 1990. 21 songs in all were recorded in those two lengthy sessions. Tim Anthony (vox/guitar) and Tom Aureli (drum kit) got together to do the basic tracks and Lou Anthony (vox/bass) would record his parts later as he could not make the initial sessions (again we might add lol). The Brambles reigned supreme as a 3 - piece power pop group from central NY. Their tenure was from Oct 1987 – 1993. Tom Aureli moved to Los Angeles to become a session musician. The band became a duo of Tim and Lou and continue to tour and record to this day. These tracks were recorded during The Brambles heyday. Several other musicians were in the band temporarily but the 3 piece is where the band excelled. These songs were never really meant for public consumption although some have come out on various solo Tim Anthony cd’s or Bramble cd’s. Some have been re-recorded and released but most remain unreleased or unheard until now. These tracks were meant as demo guides to be recorded at a later date more professionally or so The Brambles thought. Time, women and money were the excuses heard at the time for not recording the songs more properly. But upon finding these gems long thought lost Tim Anthony got the idea to finally release them as they are. Could they have been done better? Sure! But these recordings were for the band to learn songs not for the public. These recordings capture a snapshot of a band in heat if you will. A time when their spring was new and they were kings of their time, albeit a short time. There was a scene then and The Brambles were leading the way. These are The Brambles as they were, real and fun. The Lost Recordings, no longer lost!
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Song List:
1. Lonely For Your Love
2. Girl Next Door
3. If It's True
4. Your Picture
5. I Can Pretend
6. Never Gonna Cry
7. Answers Lie
8. Now You're In My Heart
9. Listening Now
10. Kick Inside
11. Eyes Of Love
12. Just Like Heaven
13. When You Look In My Eyes
14. Feels Like Forever
15. Hide Your Heart
16. Maybe This Girl
17. Love Enough
18. That Hurt
19. Light In The Distance
20. Happy Ending
21. The Time
22. Radio Spot :30

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