Skoober Say SKooBER - Say!
SKooBER is armed with a relentless work ethic, and a natural gift for crafting pop hooks. The upstate NY songwriting partnership of Tawni Bates and Andy Weaver quickly evolved into the power-pop/rock band SKooBER in early 2006. The duo, supported by various other talented musicians during live shows, spent the majority of 2006 recording demos and honing their skills as writers. With a sound that effortlessly mixed classic 60s pop hooks and a modern power pop sound, these early demos caught the attention of Pop Garden Radio host Adam Waltemire. After announcing that he was looking for a new closing theme for his show, SKooBER answered the call with a 90 second burst of theme song-worthy energy. SKooBER spent the first part of 2007 testing their material in front of audiences and continuing to record new demos (which garnered them rave reviews on and many awards). On the recommendation of Waltemire, the band caught the ear of Jealousy Records owner and power pop scene fixture, Tim Anthony. By the summer of that year, the band had a deal with the label to release their debut album, "Say!". 2009 promises to be a big year for the band, as they support their new album with a new touring band, and are slated to appear on no less than 3 tribute albums (Cheap Trick, The Rubinoos, and Rick Nelson).

Song List:
1. Now What Do We Do?
2. Make A Liar Out Of Me
3. Second Chances
4. Say
5. Saving Myself From You
6. Oh, Louise
7. Saturday
8. What's Love Anyway?
9. Losing Time
10. Your Heart
11. Never Enough
12. Pinch Me
13. Not Here, Not Now
14. Second Chances (Acoustic)
15. Not, Here, Not Now (Acoustic)

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